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Business Aviation is a Rubik’s cube of regulations, variable costs, fixed costs, misinformation and misunderstandings overseen primarily by individuals who lack experience and expertise. Aviation is complex. Aviation is not a game. It has serious consequences and requires serious and expert oversight.
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Aviation Consultants 360 has that  expertise with years of practical experience as aircraft owners, operators, pilots, and creators of highly successful international aviation businesses and developers of aviation software.


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Blogging for you: telling it like it is

To better inform potential corporate aircraft purchasers, existing aircraft owners, charter users, fractional owners, and aviation enthusiasts about corporate aviation, AC 360 has created a blog section in our site called “Blog” (click blog on menu bar).

The purpose of our blog is to provide a wide variety of information about how the corporate  aviation industry really works. For example, We have blogs about “New Aircraft versus Older Aircraft”, “To Fractional or not to Fractional?”, “What’s going on with pilots?” or “Pre-paid flight cards”. We belive some of the information in these blogs will be helpful in your understanding and  involvement with corporate aviation.

We add articles regularly, and intend to add new blogs as we grow. So be on the lookout for new blogs or leave us your email on our contact page and we will send you the links as the blogs are published. If you have any subjects relating to corporate aviation that you would like to see in a blog, let us know what you would like to know about and we will write a blog on that subject.

Our mission and passion is to help you be informed, stay safe, and be a satisfied aircraft owner.

Aviation is our expertise.

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