About... our aviation backgrounds

aaaag450-noseOur team collectively has been flying and operating corporate and airline aircraft for over 60,000 hours. It would be difficult to find another consulting service available that offers this kind of experience in aviation. In our over 120 plus years of aviation experience we have evolved with the industry. We know corporate aviation-from the FAA to the latest data uplinks and Satcom systems.

We provide the best solutions without the typical 50 pages of meaningless aviation jargon, manufacturer-sourced hype, or pretty pictures. We provide the answers based on true needs. We do not favor one aircraft over another or one supplier over another. We simply provide solutions based on your needs.

Rick Eriksen

Rick Eriksen is a career aviator, entrepreneur, and industry professional with more than 14,000 hours PIC and 3,000 hours SIC, CFI, and CFII flight hours to his credit. He is type-rated in 5 business jets and checked out in 52 aircraft.

As an entrepreneur, Rick created and founded Midwest Air Charter, the first single flag carrier for the United States Federal Reserve Bank. At Midwest, he directed flight operations for 55 aircraft flying 72 thousand miles daily without a single incident or accident with a 99.75% on-time record. Under his leadership, he managed a staff of 125 pilots and maintenance personnel, and was personally responsible for overall flight operations including profit and loss. MidWest Air Charter later became known as Airborne, part of the DHL Company.

Rick managed Northern Hemisphere flight operations for Mercedes Benz, North America before becoming the creator and one of the founding members of Jet Support Services, Inc., known today as JSSI. JSSI is the largest provider of Non-OEM jet engine maintenance services in the world.

Rick divested his assets and went on to pursue his passion for helping aircraft operators and prospective aircraft buyers better understand the cost of aircraft ownership by developing “The Interactive Budget Analyzer”, the first interactive software-based business jet operating cost analysis tool. That program is still on the market under various names.

Currently, Rick is one of the founding members of AC 360, and is dedicated to advising executives, aviation professionals, flight departments, and those interested in the aerospace business across a wide spectrum of endeavors.

Terry Saylor (3)Mr. Terry Saylor has over 40 years of experience as a professional aviator flying for major corporations. Terry possesses extensive qualifications, experience, and attributes including a keen ability to improve the aviation industry while creating great relationships. Terry’s excellent planning, coaching, and organizational skills coupled with a troubleshooting and strong problem solving background are invaluable for helping flight departments function more smoothly from an operational standpoint.

Terry currently possesses an Airline Transport Pilot, Certified Flight, and Instrument Instructor certificate with 21,000 plus flight hours which have been accumulated without a single violation, incident or accident. Terry is qualified in Lear Jets, Challengers, and Gulfstreams. He has served on the Cuyahoga Community College Aviation Advisory Board, and as a FAA designated Pilot Proficiency Examiner for several years.

Terry has managed all aspects of a corporate flight department operations providing leadership and support directly to corporate executives. He has developed and administered annual budgets, analyzed and improved flight department quality and productivity, and implemented measures to maximize utilization and eliminate waste.

Terry has also led aircraft acquisition projects from requirement planning to implementation of all elements needed to support a corporate flight department. Terry is a highly regarded aviation professional with deep aerospace industry relationships.