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What is going on with pilots?

Call me old school…call me old fashioned, and even use the words, “old fuddy duddy, but I really do not like or understand what is driving this rush to the bottom when it comes to new pilots…TO READ MORE CLICK ON PICTURE.

Dying to Embrace Automation

On an intellectual level, I am 100% in favor of technology, and the benefits which technology affords everyone, every day. On a practical level though, aviation related OEM’s developing technology just so have products to sell is creating more problems than it is curing…TO READ MORE CLICK ON PICTURE…

Looking at Jet Fuel Discount Cards

Of course “biker beans in jet fuel sauce” is an eye-catching alternative to jet fuel. But today let’s talk about jet fuel. What really influences its high price in the wing, and what you can do about it….TO READ MORE CLICK ON PICTURE.