Consulting For Corporate Aircraft

Corporate aircraft manufactAviation-consultantsured since 1963 are mission specific. One of the first steps in selecting a flight operation support strategy is to establish your mission profile. Next, extrapolate to capacity, range, speed, price, operating costs, budget, and operating environment to determine solutions that makes sense for your needs. The AC 360 Team will develop strategies that are rooted in fact and data.

Perhaps you are considering fleet growth or transition to a newer model to expand airlift capacity to support global business needs. Possibly you may be considering retrofits, mods, and upgrades to your existing aircraft to refresh aesthetics, or improve operating performance. Regardless of the scenario, AC 360 has you covered.

We have developed key support services which reflect how flight operations are conducted and managed in today’s fast paced and demanding business and regulatory environment. We will tailor our services to match your requirements. Regardless of the engagement, we will be there with you every step of the way. Key areas of practice and expertise include the following:

· General Consulting – A to Z. We respond to your needs.

· Justification for utilization.

· Aircraft Acquisition Management – From basic advisory service to turn key management.

· Retrofit, Mods & Upgrades – Investment rationalization, completion center coordination.

· Fuel Programs – Mission support provider streamlining and cost containment strategies.

· Flight Department Advisory Services – Operation processes, maintenance personnel reviews.

· Cabin Completion Services – Green or refurbishment specification development to onsite management.

· Jet Fleet Financing & Leases – Seeking opportunities ranging from $50M to $1B.

· Aviation Projects Seeking Funding – Aerospace entrepreneurs seeking capital.

· Funding for Aviation Projects – Investors seeking aerospace investment opportunities.

The AC 360 team is not your typical aviation consulting partner. We are business aviation industry leaders, professional pilots, and proven business developers. Our industry experience and knowledge will be leveraged to our customer’s benefitjet3

 Erudite Solutions for Business Aviation