Erudite Solutions for Business Aviation

Are you thinking about buying a jet or any other aviation related investments?

If it is a jet, let’s get it right. You are going to be buying, operating, being responsible for, and betting your life on a 25 ton, multimillion dollar piece of equipment that goes in excess of 550 mph, at 41,000 feet (and beyond) in the air.

Do you really want to make that decision based on a manufacturer’s brochure, the aircraft salesman selling the jet, or worse yet, an amatuer aviation consultant?

Want to know what happens to the performance of that 12 passenger jet when it really has 12 passengers in it? Want to know a good pilot from a bad one? Want to know how to be 100% safe flying? Want to know how to save big money operating your aircraft?

Then you need to consider very carefully who is giving you your aviation advice.

Business Aviation is a Rubik’s cube of regulations, variable costs, fixed costs, misinformation and misunderstandings overseen primarily by individuals who lack experience and expertise. Aviation is complex. Aviation is not a game. It has serious consequences and requires serious and expert aviation knowledge.

Knowing that, please consider this:

There is no FAA license or oversight required to publish a brochure, to be an aircraft salesman, or to be an aviation consultant. Anyone, regardless of their background, can say they are aviation experts even though they do not even know how to start a jet engine.

Many of these would-be experts really are tax accountants with a private pilot’s license, or former account executives with some aviation OEM, or former aircraft salesmen. Along the way, they have picked up some aviation terminology.

However knowing some aviation terminology and understanding the true context of that terminology is not the same thing. The faux consultants use aviation terminology and jargon to sound authentic enough to pass themselves off as experts. Usually these experts do not really know any more about jet aircraft operations than the client seeking the advice.

That creates a very serious problem. To put it bluntly, aviation can be a very expensive experience when you screw the pooch, and worse yet can have very catastrophic consequences.

So how does a potential buyer or user of aviation services know good advice from bad advice?

Start out with the purveyor of the advice. There are some very qualified aviation consultants available. It is just hard to pick out the real ones from the wannabes.

Therefore you need to know exactly what an aviation consultant’s qualifications are to offer expert advice. Are they qualified to even fly one jet aircraft? Have they ever been hired to fly any jet aircraft? Have they ever flown for, or run, an actual flight department for a major corporation?

Why are these questions important? If the aviation consultant has never flown or operated jet aircraft in a professional corporate aviation environment, they are not qualified to be professional aviation consultants.

A potential buyer needs to know the person giving them advice is not getting their information from manufacturer’s brochures, or from a salesman, or software program, but from real hands-on experience.

At that point what is required are real aviation professionals with years of experience.

Collectively our AC360 team boasts over 60,000 flight hours of PIC (pilot in command) fight time and over 120 years of aviation experience. We are experts in all manner of flight operations, from single jet aircraft flight departments to airline operations, all over the world.

We also excel at corporate aviation business development, having created and co-founded such internationally successful businesses as Jet Support Services Inc. (aka JSSI) among others.

So, when you need it straight and you need it right, we are your “go to” guys. It might not always be what you want to hear, but it will definitely be what you need to hear.
Erudite Solutions for Business Aviation

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