How NOT to make a Billion Dollars in Business Aviation!

How NOT to make a Billion Dollars in Business Aviation!

Looking at the state of the operational business aviation industry today, the only word that comes to mind is grotesque.

I have been writing a variety of posts on how to make a billion dollars in business aviation annually, now it is time to find out why business aviation does not work…and why grotesque is the most generous world I can think of when it comes time to describe business aviation.

Since the charter industry model has never worked (and I know I was there when it was created), and fractional is an unmitigated disaster, might it not be time to think in terms of changing the Biz Jet Paradigm?

Now while that is a logical consideration, the mavens of the Biz Jet industry do not think they have a problem. They just go on and on making the same appalling mistakes year after year. Why? Because they do not know any better and the dumb a**ed hedge funds that keep giving them money, keep giving them money…that is what their model is based on. Hedge Funds giving them money! The private pilots and MBA’s that dominate business aviation today have no idea how many hours it even takes to break even with a charter aircraft let alone how to run, or better yet create an actual business aviation model that works. Some of them, and get this, actually think fractional works!!!  I cannot bet on this as I do not know all the fractionals, but I would go out on a limb and say that no fractional anywhere has ever made a dime operationally.

And as far as charter goes, If it was not for Piggy Back Charter and the charter companies rampant use of other people’s money, 90% of the entire charter industry would not exist.

Fractional only exists at all because there are still enough gullible dupes to think that over paying to use/own a new jet will make them safer…it won’t.

Throwing money at a system that is saturated with flaws is not going to make it right, any of it.

There are so many problems with fractional and charter, it would take books to describe what their problems are and how to fix them.

Charter is just a joke that has never worked, and or ever will work.

In fact, there is nothing about the revenue side of operational business aviation that works, or will ever work without significant changes.

Who am I to make horrible comments about an entire industry.

I am the guy that built two highly successful business aviation companies one of which is known today as DHL…I am the guy that was the chief pilot for Mercedes Benz AG/NA from 1976 to 1988…I am the guy that created and co-founded Jet Support Services Inc., aka JSSI…I am the guy in aviation that could fly 99.75% on time completions for the Federal Reserve Bank, and I am telling you unequivocally that business aviation today is a tu*d.

Can it be fixed? Sure, it can.

Can I tell you how? Absolutely.

Will I tell you how…not a chance! Unless or until you know enough to ask for help.

Didn’t they tell you at the Kent State School of Aeronautics, or at Embery Riddle how aviation works? Really works? I am sure you learned all about dihedral, bet that is not a lot of help when you are shooting a 200 and a half in a 30KT cross wind – breaking poor to nil. Or don’t you guys know how to do that?

Look I am not trying to be a smart guy here…but let’s face it…NO ONE and by NO ONE, I mean NO ONE in business aviation seems to know anything about business aviation as an actual business.

You want to start making money, you want to start being successful in aviation and not just another corporate pilot? Then learn the secret. I know it because I actually looked at the problems, they are there, and they are not that difficult to figure out.

I cannot help you with that approach mentioned above, you can only learn that by doing them, that is called experience, something Kent State does not provide. But I gotta tell you that while I was not going to Kent State learning all the dazzling facts about aerodynamics, I did about a 1,000 of those x-wind low ceiling approaches with no braking, and I am still here, and I gotta tell you, I am very experienced in what counts. But I can help anyone that wants to learn how to make money operating aircraft for hire. There is a reason why investors say that if it flies, floats or fornicates do not go near it. Because as of right now, aviation/flying has not done much good at making money, if any, if ever at all anywhere. In fact, right now business aviation is a BIG DUMB loser.

It is time to turn that around. But playing follow the leader is not going to solve the problem. Want to make a billion dollars in aviation then ask the right person the right questions.

Still not convinced, then think about it this way, what my program will do is to make owning a corporate aircraft superfluous. Will eliminate 80% of the charter industry, and will eliminate all of the fractional in three to five years.

It is that easy.


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