EZJET has created a program called “FreeBird.” “FreeBird” makes it possible for an individual or corporation to fly their own corporate jet for free, plus earn profits.

“FreeBird” is not another fractional system, or a charter system or any version thereof. “FreeBird” is a system that uses all the tools in the private aviation world for the benefit of aircraft owners, not the other way around.

Our program totally benefits the owners using corporate jets, not the operators, not the service centers, not anyone except the owners. EZJET is an intelligent and advantageous way to own and operate a jet aircraft for free as well as to profit from it. Intelligent and advantageous are qualities missing in all current and existing systems available today.

First off let’s look at the new versus used jet aircraft debate. This is key to understanding the system.

Everyone of the major fractionals will tell you that you must have a new Jet aircraft to be safe and reliable. That is a flagrantly, self-serving, WRONG ANSWER!

Have you ever flown in an airliner? If you have, there is a 99.999% chance you were not on a new aircraft. Did you feel any less safe? Was it reliable? Did it fall out of the sky?

Anyone telling you that you need a new aircraft, is trying to sell you a new aircraft. WHY? Because a new aircraft costs 10 times more than a used one. And guess what, the new one and the used one, are basically the same aircraft, especially if they are from the same manufacturer. The new one comes with a new model number. Other than that, they look the same and they perform the same. They are basically the same.


Challenger Interior

Do the math….Used $3 Million…New $35 Million…Used $5.5 Million…New $60 Million. And there is no, none, zero manufacturers ever going to say their older aircraft are unsafe, dangerous, or not sound as the day they were built. In fact it is the other way around, they brag about the high percentage (99.8%) of their aircraft still flying. And the few that are not still flying, pilot error, not structural or systems failures.

Here is the straight skinny on Jet aircraft. Jet aircraft do not age chronology like cars do, or we do. They age by the hours on their airframes. The FAA has standards for jet aircraft construction in excess of 100,000 hours per FAA FAR part 25. So a twenty year old jet with 6,000 hours on it’s air-frame has been operating for less than 7% of its useful life. That’s better than most cars.

So EZJET uses pre owned aircraft. All the maintenance is logged in their log books. In fact, we know the idiosyncrasies of every aircraft because it is known via the log books, something that cannot be said about a brand new aircraft. You usually have to learn about those the hard way.

I created EZJET when fractional operators started pushing 16th ownership shares. 16th shares are a direct effort to dilute the extremely high cost of the new aircraft (the 10 times the cost problem) mentioned earlier.

What does a typical 16th ownership share program cost for a new aircraft similar to the Challenger 601? The challenger 605 fractional program comes with many fees. Cost of the aircraft. Cost of management. Cost of the Direct Operating Costs (DOC).

Those costs will total up to around $750,000 per year for 50 hours. That equals $15,000 an hour, $36.76 per nautical mile, or about $4.17 a second.

With EZJET your cost per hour for those same 50 hours of occupied flight time is $000,000 per year. $00.00 per nautical mile. $0.00 per second .

The fractional operators will tell you that you are getting a huge tax write off to offset those obscene costs. Well sure you will, right up until the IRS knocks on the door and wants their recapture. That will happen as soon as your 16th share of the aircraft is sold.

There are no gimmicks with EZJET, if you have one of our aircraft you will fly completely free for 50 hours every year you own the aircraft. Our owners will also get a second 50 hours for the direct operating costs. And those costs really are a 100% write off. After that any hours flown would be charged at the standard charter rate. But you will also profit from the system.

The aircraft will be based at your home airport, the crew will be based at your home airport, it is your aircraft, you own it, we operate it, and we pay for it. EZJET is a total turnkey system, so like fractional you do not need to worry about anything regarding operations.

Our program is designed to help people that want to own a jet easily, and with no costs. In fact you can earn money on the operations.

Again there is no catch. We will trade your aircraft in every few years to keep whatever tax depreciation system you are using in place. YOU WILL FLY FOR FREE, and you WILL PROFIT. It is just that simple.

We are currently building our infrastructure (buying and refurbishing aircraft and under going FAA certification) for a July/August launch. If you are interested in learning more about our game changing program, please contact us as we would very much like to answer any questions you may have to better understand this opportunity.

We will also be pleased to arrange for a non-binding position for you in this unique program. We will only be placing 8 aircraft in the program this year. To make sure you have your slot reserved, please contact me by clicking the contact button below.

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