Investors: Want to Know How to Make Money in Corporate Aviation?

Ask Me!

Why me? Because when it comes to making money in corporate aviation I am a high end proven commodity. My knowledge, understanding, and proven concepts of corporate aviation have generated huge profits for globally successful and long lasting aviation companies.

I know corporate aviation inside out. I am not another one of the “so called” aviation professionals who barely knows where the airport is, or who has never flown a jet or operated a jet, or ever started any kind of aviation company. I do not deal in superficial, out of contextl avation jargon, or take seriously those that do.

I have serious credentials and proven operational capabilities. I have been a very successful corporate pilot flying corporate jets and operating flight departments for two of the largest corporations in the world. I also created and founded four aviation related business, two of which are global in scope. One is the largest provider of non OEM jet engine service programs in the world.

My expertise in all aspects of the corporate aviation industry provides me with more than just the ability to look at the industry and say what is right or wrong with it. That part is easy. The tricky part is to use what I see to spawn new industry changing solutions that are actually capable of making money in corporate aviation.

My new solutions are not rehashed versions of the same old failures. I know exactly what works and what doesn’t. I do not invent anything new or untested. I simply rearrange the best of what does work, extract the good features of what has not worked, and adapt the best of all the good components into extraordinary profitable operations.

Take Charter for example. Make a few simple operational changes to charter, and charter goes from waste water to champagne. Make a few changes, and “Fractional” goes from the disastrous money pit it is, to an extremely profitable and useful business aviation tool. Make a few changes to aircraft management, and aircraft management actually evolves into a valuable asset to both aircraft owners and operators while simultaneously becoming profitable.

Additionally my systems are not only designed for investors to make money. My models are very specifically designed to instantaneously help owners and operators with financial relief, support, and improved safety. By making these changes we create an industry changing “win-win” environment for both investors and clients.

I suppose that sounds really bold and arrogant, but it is neither bold nor arrogant if it is true. What I am saying here is 100% true. I have the track record, and I can show and/or prove to any interested parties just how easy and safe it is to invest in, and make money from corporate aviation.

On the other hand, if you happen to have an aviation company or aviation investment that never seems to make money or worse yet is hemorrhaging money, contact me ASAP.

Erudite Solutions for Business Aviation

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