RE: Jet Tech 360:

Aviation Consultants 360 is part of a project called Jet Tech 360. This program is designed to change many of the ways corporate aviation is performed.

We have created exciting new concepts to replace useless and ineffective systems of the past. Our systems are not reworked versions of past failures or are they new untested theories.

Our concepts simply use the best of what works in aviation. Then we realigned them into a seamless tour de force of efficacy and profitability. Simultaneously, we eliminate the impediments and limitations of the past and replaced them with proven successes that work brilliantly. One of which Rick Eriksen created.

We have not invented anything new here, we simply restructured how the pieces of the puzzle interact with each other to support each other, not compete with each other, or work independently of each other. These corrected interactions will create the biggest and best corporate aviation enterprise ever assembled, not to mention the most profitable.

Our expertise has solved aviation’s Rubiks cube into a win-win, not just for investors but also for corporate aircraft owners and operators. Please contact us and we will be happy to show you just how efficiently and elegantly it all works together.

 Fees paid on successful funding.

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