Making a Billion in Business Aviation!

Making a Billion in Business Aviation – Annually!

My name is Rick Eriksen, and I have been in business aviation as both a professional pilot and a business aviation entrepreneur in one form or another since 1962. I am seeking to team up with an established business aviation operator, aircraft manufacturer or investor to create the most profitable, practical, and effective business aviation model ever developed.

The critical question for any aviation operator, manufacturer, or investor reading this post is; would you like to generate massive, stable, and sustainable profits indefinitely in the business aviation industry?

Of course, everyone is going to say yes. Everyone in business aviation wants to make massive, stable, and sustainable profits indefinitely, or they would be driving for Uber.

But the majority of these same aviation professionals would also say “that it is not possible to make massive, stable, and sustainable profits indefinitely in the business aviation industry!” They will proclaim “It has never been done!” Some will even tell you no genuine operational system makes money without cooking the books or playing games with maintenance.

Of course, their negative assertations are based on their experiences of what exists today, not what could be.

Let me take you outside of the (“business as usual, me too, and going along to get along”) box of standard business aviation industry mantra to show you what is really possible. Let me show you how to create an environment that will not only generate massive, stable, and sustainable profits indefinitely in the business aviation industry, but will benefit clients enormously. In other words, we can create, a “Win -Win.”

Win – win is not an adjective ever used in business aviation, which is exactly why business aviation has always failed to generate massive, stable, and sustainable profits.

I know exactly how to correct that, I have already proven it can be done.

What makes my system better than what has come before and is currently dominating the industry?

Simple. Unlike clunky, expensive to operate charter or fractional systems overloaded with unknown variables, primadonna pilots, and an unpredictable FAA, my concept uniquely maintains a low overhead, high-profit ratio, and simplicity of operations. Additionally, the original high yield phase of this system requires no FAA certification, has no liability, and features zero risks. Like Fibonacci’s sequence, this system is perfect.

Not to belabor the point about current business models, but beyond the defects mentioned above, here are a few other fundamental flaws in the charter and fractional system that highlight the problems they face trying to make money. In the charter system, the amount of money paid by charter customers to charter an aircraft is consistently below the cost to operate the jet or turboprop aircraft. The net result is every hour flown loses money for whoever owns and pays for the aircraft. There is an easy fix for that conundrum, but that is not what we are talking about here today. In the fractional system, there is no effective back-end operating system, there is a built-in need to mirror the fleet to service multiple owners, and extremely top heavy management. As a result, the cost per hour to own a quarter share of a fractional jet is more than if each shareholder just owned their own aircraft. Neither of these systems can ever or will ever make money in their present form.

Conversely, since my model does not suffer from any of the above-mentioned terminal problems, once fully developed it would be very reasonable to expect 10+ digit EBITDA returns very quickly. Additionally, and I say this without hesitation, this system will render Piggy Back chartering and fractional, non-grata.

While the above statement is a bold projection, it is absolutely accurate. To reinforce the validity, credibility, and vision of that projection, the following is a quick overview (CV) of what I have accomplished and created in business aviation.

I was the sole creator and co-founder of two highly successful business aviation companies. They were, in 1969 Midwest Air Charter out of Cleveland Ohio, Midwest was the first single flag carrier for the Federal Reserve Bank. To service their requirements, Midwest started out operating 55 aircraft, flying 72,000 miles a night, six nights a week with a 99.75% on time completion record. I was the VP, CP, and DO, for Midwest from 1969 to 1976. Midwest later became known as Airborne and is known today as DHL. In 1988/89, I was the sole creator of and co-founder of, Jet Support Services Inc., aka JSSI. Today JSSI is the largest supplier of non-OEM jet engine service programs in the world.

In between Midwest (1976) and JSSI (1988) I was the chief pilot for Mercedes-Benz AG/NA.

My unique aviation background has given me an extensive and real-world understanding of both the “business” of business aviation, as well as operations in ways most others simply do not have. So, when I tell you this system will work…it will work, and it will make billions.

Should anyone be interested in earning 10+ digit EBITDA returns, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Rick Eriksen

email… – phone 702 994 4491

The concept is ready to launch immediately. At this point, it includes two completely set up companies, plus all the necessary marketing and sales tools, client contact information, a marketing company already engaged, and the financials. Additionally, while any single component of this plan is in and of itself a great plan, it is only a single part of the much larger opportunity. And that opportunity will be the business aviation industry in five years.

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