One Size Does Not Fit All


Airplanes come in many sizes, of course, but that is because they all do different things.

Before we can consider what the different possibilities are, we must understand what kind of an operating budget there is for aircraft operations, not only to own one, but to run one.

Assuming a purchase price is set at $3 million dollars, we then need to establish the fixed and the variable costs for that aircraft and to set up an annual budget. Then we need to work out an approximate number of hours the aircraft is to be flown. Now we know what it will cost per hour to use and how it fits into the total operating budget.

Assuming that all is within the established budget set, it is time to find the right aircraft.

We need to know a few things. How much range is required? How many people will normally be on the aircraft at any one time? What kind of airports will the aircraft be operating in and out of? Are there any restrictions?

All aircraft are pretty much mission specific. An airplane that can fly long distances may be too heavy to use at various airports. They may not carry enough passengers. They may have adequate baggage space for four people with suitcases and golf clubs or eight people with briefcases. But what happens when eight people show up with baggage and golf clubs?

Then it is time to find out what kind of aircraft is desired versus what kind of aircraft will work. We need to work back and forth in years to find the aircraft price that fits into the above categories all within the aboved mentioned budgets. At that point, it becomes clear if the aircraft you want and the aircraft that you need are the same thing.

So it is a process that ends with an owner settling into an aircraft that he can maximize and enjoy. It starts with you contacting us through our “contact page” or calling us. Let’s talk and see what we can work out.

Erudite Solutions for Business Aviation

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