Our Services – Keeping you Safe!

Aviation Consultants 360 originates from an unusual place when it comes to being aviation consultants. Collectively we have flown and operated aircraft for over 120 years and 60,000 hours. We have always provided total on-time reliability without incidents, violations, and always on budget. No private pilots or would-be aviation experts here.


As part of our services, we do not rely on opinions, hangar talk, or manufacturer’s hype/propaganda. We do not have to. In one form or another, we have been operating aircraft for major corporations since the 1960’s. Along the way, we also created and founded aviation companies like JSSI and Airborne into highly successful global companies.

We are not former aviation account executives, salesmen, manufacturer’s reps, or would-be aviation experts. Unlike many, we did not come into the aviation business through back door relationships or generational relationships. We did not fall in love with the “Gee Whiz” factor of the aviation world. We paid our dues by flying tens of thousands of hours safely and successfully. From that knowledge base and experience, we saw the need for and created the sophisticated and highly successful aviation companies mentioned above. We are fully-vetted aviation professionals with the credentials and advanced levels of flying experience few in the aviation consulting business possess.

We understand the business aviation industry from every angle. We know how the maintenance service companies work, how the OEM’s operate, and most importantly, we know a good pilot from a bad one. Sadly in today’s environment the good ones are becoming the exception and the bad ones the norm. The FAA will pass a pilot to minimum standards which most people are not aware of, but we are. HR departments have no way of knowing that, nor do they have the knowledge necessary to understand pilot requirements or to understand actual piloting capabilities. The tolerance for “Do Overs” in jet aviation is zero.


Just remember, it is far more likely that it will not be the aircraft that harms you when you are flying, but the pilot flying the aircraft. We fully understand that problem. As part of our aircraft acquisition program, we help with the interview process to find exceptional pilots. We will also provide ride-alongs with prospective pilots to assure you that he or she can fly and is safe to fly. “Read our blog, What is going on with pilots?”

That is what we do. We will take you from just thinking about an aircraft purchase to acquiring one. We will take you through the pre-buy and purchase process. We will interview and find you the right pilots, then set and organize your flight operations. We will also provide you with a five year operating budget based on all the upcoming maintenance and peripheral costs your aircraft salesman may have forgotten to point out. When we have completed the process, your operations will be totally safe, totally reliable, and totally cost-efficient.

These are the services we specialize in: safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency. We will be there for you, long after the aircraft is up and flying. We will be your “go to” people to handle any and all situations that might develop. We will help you learn your way around the process so you can always have your operation the best and safest it can possibly be.

FYI, and this is important to understand up front, we will not spin up 50 pages of meaningless aviation jargon, nor will we copy manufacturer’s brochures and pass them off as expertise. We will tell it like it is, and while that is not always what people want to hear, it will be exactly what they need to hear.

These incident photos are indicative of aviation personnel making minor but very costly mistakes…It could have, and has been a lot worse…
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