Seeking and Established Aviation Company – Seeking Market Dominance!

Do You Want Market Dominance? If You Do, Read On!

As I am not getting any younger I have decided to make the following opportunity available while I can help in its organization and development.

To understand the opportunity, first you need to understand who I am. I am former professional pilot, a proven business aviation innovator, and a proven business aviation entrepreneur. And now I have created the ultimate business aviation concept assuming anyone is interested in owning the business aviation industry. I know that is a bold statement, but read on if you happen to have the desire to be the one that does own the business aviation industry.

I have successfully proven every aspect of this concept in various individual forms. As a fully vetted, proven, and successful aviation professional I have logically integrated all of these individual and lucrative entity’s into a single coherent industry changing concept. This is the concept that will own the majority of business aviation market.

This concept, permanently fixes all the many faults that have existed in business aviation for the last 60 years, easily and efficiently.

This concept cost very little to initiate, yet will be producing and earning billions in EBITDA within five years.

This system will change business aviation completely once fully implemented. And by change I mean 1) make it superfluous for anyone to own a business aircraft, 2) take 90% of the charter business, 3) render the entire fractional system irrelevant, 4) tap directly into the first class airline industry.

This is not another absurd, half-baked scheme as is the norm in business aviation, but a new paradigm explicitly and accurately based on 1) prior successful companies I have created and co-founded, 2) known current, and projected future market conditions, 3) a very fundamental and “very specific market need.”

This concept is without dispute the future of business aviation.

If you are an established aviation company of any type, charter, MRO, sales, FBO, finance, or manufacturer, and are interested in owning the business aviation market (please no gatekeepers), you can contact me at 702 994 4491 or email me at

Any future or in-depth conversations regarding this concept would require an NDA signed by a principal.


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