The Kiwi-X

What exactly is the definition of a Kiwi-X you ask? A Kiwi-X is a Flightless eXecutive.

A Kiwi-X is a senior executive in the business aviation industry with a superior attitude who has never flown for, or operated any jet aircraft professionally. Yet will pass himself or herself off as a knowledgeable business aviation expert. You may even know some. I know I do.

Unfortunately in today’s business aviation world there is an overwhelming and growing population of Kiwi-X’s. The very presence of the Kiwi-X is contaminating the business of business aviation to extinction. And if you think that statement is and overreach, consider our business aviation Kiwi-X’s are exactly the same breed of Kiwi-X the military employs to  manage the F-22 Raptor. Which now cost $62,000 an hour to operate. Source CNN Money.

In an effort not to be too unkind to the Kiwi-X it should be noted that the Kiwi-X is a direct result of circumstances. However, the Kiwi-X frequently taints his own circumstances by attempting to be knowledgeable about aviation.

It is investors and hedge funds that create the circumstances in which the Kiwi-X flourishes.

The Kiwi-X is hired into business aviation by investors simply because they speak “investor”, not because they know anything about aviation. Exactly the same astute logic that required Kamikaze’s to wear helmets.

The investor language is known only to a special group of people called investors, some of whom wind up investing in aviation. Those investors hire the Kiwi-Xs and  mistakenly depend on them to run their operation profitably. thJ1WDZRFX

The investor’s expectation is that the Kiwi-X knows enough about aviation to protect his investment. But the investor could not be more wrong.

In fact, hiring the Kiwi-X metaphorically speaking is “aces and eights” for the aviation investor.

Aviation is a serious business, the money stakes are exceedingly high, and there are serious and catastrophic consequences when mistakes are made in aviation.

Knowing that, one would think it would be a tough hard climb for a Kiwi-X to be a top executive in the aviation industry.

After all, everyone in aviation operations are licensed professionals at every operational level. A competent professional pilot requires a check ride in an actual aircraft or at least a simulator with an FAA examiner on board every six to twelve months. Flight planners and schedules all need licenses and recurrent training. Mechanics and avionics engineers need licenses.

So it must be all but impossible for the Kiwi-X, without a twit of real aviation experience or knowledge, to become the senior executive of a business aviation company. To be the number one key executive who makes decisions everyday about the very expensive, life and death operations in aviation, they certinaly must be required to know what they are doing.

No, not all!

In fact it is very easy for the Kiwi-X. There is no license or any other professional requirement (except for one) to be a Kiwi-X at the highest levels in the world of business aviation.

The only real requirement for the successful Kiwi-X is to excel at being a “yes man”. The Kiwi-Xs only qualifications must be that he is a gifted “yes man” whose favorite color is brown…something real pilots and real aviation people are most decidedly not.

Investors will follow a quality, sweet talking, “yes man”, Kiwi-X right down a rabbit hole in flames every time.

These failures do not affect the Kiwi-X in any way, however, as a quality “yes man” the Kiwi-X moves on to his next victim investor like the plague the next day.


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