Corporate Aircraft

Aviation Consultakeynt 360 does offer a Turnkey Management Program for corporate aircraft under certain circumstances.

Because AC 360 is primarily a consulting service, we do not generally pursue the role of aircraft management. However since we absolutely have all the technical and operational experience to manage any jet aircraft, we will offer our help managing jet and turbine powered aircraft under certain circumstances.

These circumstances can develop when an aircraft owner may not have the control he desires over his flight operations, which can come about for several reasons. For example the owner simply does not have the time to track every operation of his Untitled-2aircraft or to assimilate the steep learning curve of the avation language to be able to track operations. Or sometimes there can be communication difficulties between the pilots and the owner, or worse yet; many pilots will not take responsibility for the over site of the aircraft as they do not consider that part of their job description.

The last circumstance is usually the most difficult for the aircraft owner. It leaves the owner with no control or protection at all over his multimillion dollar aircraft. In this circumstance, the aircraft owner can become subservient to the very necessary and required support system he relies on for parts, maintenance, and service. And that can get to be a very expensive problem. Anytime service providers sense an unsupervised aircraft in thier control, the opportunity to become creative with the billing, or less than conservative about adding additional, unnecessary, or redundant work exists. But add in oversight by professional aviation experts like AC 360 to represent the aircraft owner, and this problem is immediately corrected.

AC 360 will provide the oversight and expertise to bring the owner the control he desires and requires over his aircraft. We have run fleets of as many as 55 aircraft flying 72,000 miles a night, on time, on budget, and without incidents. So there is nothing we haven’t seen or cannoy handle when it comes to aircraft operations.