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Aviation Consultants 360 is the smart answer to owning and operating corporate aircraft.

We have solutions for cost and operational controls well beyond the “same old same old,” “me to,” and “going along to get along” current aviation models. We are not affiliated with any OEMs or do we own or have any alliance with any servickeye centers. We work for our clients to provide the best, safest, and most economically sound way to own and operate a corporate aircraft.

We offer complete flight department development. We will provide the analysis and answers leading to the correct aircraft selection. We will take a client through the pre-purchase and purchase process. We will assist the clinet in hiring pilots as well as providing ride alongs on trips to assure absolute quality of airmanship. We will provide long term budgets as well as long term management and oversight of operations if required.

We also work with aviation businesses. We have created and founded several aviation businesses all of whom are globally successful and still operational to this day. We have done these things because we really do know aviation, and we know it unlike anyone else you will come across. Aviation is not an abstract industry to us, it is not a job or a paycheck, it is what we do and who we are. So if you are in the aviation business and feel the need for some new ideas or help, feel free to contact us, if we work with you, you will be successful.

Corporate Aircraft: Corporate aircraft are awesome corporate tools, but they are also complex and expensive machines which operate under the regulatory control of the Federal Aviation Administration. AC 360 has successfully owned and operated dozens of corporate jets, so we know first hand exactly what it takes to own and safely operate corporate jets on time, every time, and always on budget.

Business Aviation: Business Aviation is a wonderful industry that offers many rewarding opportunities under the right conditions. However, those right conditions are very specific and require very specific talent and experience. The business of business aviation does not tolerate amateurs or wannabes very well. Make a few mistakes in business aviation and you will have created a money pit of gargantuan proportions and, worse yet, the source of possible catastrophic incidents when mismanaged.