Business Aviation

Business Aviation is a wonderful industry that offers many rewarding opportunities under the right conditions.

However, those right conditions are very specific and require very specific talent and experience. The business of business aviation does not tolerate armatures or wannabes very well. Make a few mistakes in business aviation and you will have created a money pit of gargantuan proportions and, worse yet, the source of possible catastrophic incidents when mismanaged.

keyAs a disclaimer, it is important to understand that AC 360 is comprised of total aviation professionals, and, as such, have little tolerance or patience with amateurs and private pilots playing at our business or using aviation jargon to prove their expertise. We see right through it, and, as a result, we are not particularly polite or politically sensitive about telling investors or business owners what is wrong with their aviation businesses.

So having said that, if you are still interested in getting our professional input on why your aviation business does not make the returns you were looking for, or is heading for or is in financial trouble, we will be glad to help you. Please understand that we have built several successful, long term, and highly profitable aviation companies. We have successfully run several high level flight departments globally, so if we help you, your aviation business will be successful.

Additionally, we have numerous industry changing concepts to modernize and improve the aviation industry, and anyone working with us will be taking up the leading positions in the forefront of a new era of business aviation.

Again, business aviation is a wonderful business, but it is not a game for the uninitiated. It takes years and years of training and experience to become a competent aviation expert in any sense of the word. A private pilot in an executive position in a small or a large aviation company is not competent to operate an aviation company to any extent at all. A college degree in aviation is not a substitute for competency in the aviation industry. In fact, anything short of being out on the line flying and operating aircraft for thousands and thousands of hours in every possible situation is simply not a substitute for competency, not when it comes to aviation.