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Why fly?

Because corporate jets are money making machines when used correctly, that’s “Why Fly”

Oh yeah, corporate jets are really cool, and oh yeah they are really exciting! More than anything else, a corporate jet can do something no other corporate tool can do…they can make time. They can create time just by doing what they do…fly.

Travel time is lost time using the airlines. Besides the two hour TSA delay on both ends of any trip, baggage handling, and ground transportation, the airlines can be just plain frustrating, not to mention a total waste of your time. On the flip side, the corporate jet, besides being totally relaxing, does a miraculous thing everytime you fly in it…it makes time. And how does that work? Well, a corporate jet will put you exactly where you need to be exactly when you need to be there. And how does THAT work? “WHY FLY” Hot Spots, that’s how.

Let me explain. There are approximately 600 airports in the US capable of handling airliners, but there are thousands of corporate airports capable of handling corporate jets. That advantage allows for the corporate jet to go exactly where you want to go, not where the airlines take you.

Let’s take an average city like Cleveland, Ohio, for example. There are five other airports in the metropolitan area, besides Hopkins, that are not serviced by the airlines. Any of these airports can easily handle and provide full services for corporate jets. That makes a total of six usable airports in Cleveland for any corporate jet. With the airlines you are only going to one of those airports, Hopkins.

Hopkins is great if you are going to the southwest side of Cleveland. But what if you wanted to be on the other side of town, or downtown? Why are you going to Hopkins when you really need to go downtown to Burke Lakefront Airport, two minutes from the heart of the city…or go to the eastside at Cuyahoga County Airport…or go to the far eastside at Lost Nation Airport…or the far westside Lorain County Airport. You might need to go to the far southside of Cleveland where Akron Airport works best.images3KU40YCZ

This situation occurs in every major metropolitan area in the country. Additionally, there are serviceable corporate airports in every smaller town in the US. These local airports are generally in very close proximity to your destination, not 50 or more miles away. That is going to create hours and hours of productive time for you and your executives. These hours are non-recoverable time which currently are just being lost with airline travel.

Add in the TSA wait time on each end, picking up and dropping off rental cars, plus the extra travel time to and from your final destination, and it adds up endless hours of totally wasted and lost production time, which is money.

Your corporate jet is going to put you right where you need to be, on time, every time, and on your schedule…not the airlines.

Now think of corporate airports as “WHY FLY” hot spots and “found” money for you.

You can double and triple the lost time when dealing with connecting airline flights. Connecting flights will start to add days to your trip, and there will be an 80% chance you are still going to be on the wrong side of town when you arrive at your destination city.

Additionally, you can have private meetings on the corporate jet, eat what you want to eat, and have work related sessions. So “Why Fly”? It is smart, it is efficient, and it will make time which will make you money when you do it right.

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